Where we work

Stepping beyond – our contribution

As trusted advisors to our customers we believe we must live and breathe a set of shared values – honesty, trust, respect, inclusiveness, contribution, interdependence, resilience and a commitment to making a difference to those in need and around us in all areas of life.

We are very proud to be part of the certified B Corporation global community and believe the business landscape has a major role to play in realising a preferred future we can all be proud of. Please see our latest certification report(s) at:

2018 - BLab Report

2016 - BLab Report

We embed genuine sustainability thinking into all business and personal decisions and activities – the following are an example of how we continue to do this.

Please see our blog for ways our team personally contribute toward future-proofing sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, buildings and communities - StepBeyond Blog

Social contribution

  • Annual pro-bono strategy project for a social purpose organisation in need for example: Nyoongar Sports Association, Community Arts Network WA, Ready to Work
  • Directorships and committee representation across a range of sectors – arts and culture, disability, early education, health, local councils
  • Community presentations (e.g. Living Smart)

Environmental footprint

  • Reuse and recycling programs
  • 100% renewable electricity through solar energy, battery storage and Synergy's natural power program
  • Electric bike and hybrid vehicle use
  • Step Beyond is 100% carbon neutral through our biodiversity and native tree planting offsets